Hello and a warm Scottish welcome to Alcalba Design- thank you for dropping by!

Alcalba Design launched in October 2018 as a small start-up based in Edinburgh with roots in Scottish and Spanish design. I am amazed by the number and variety of people who have shown their support to Alcalba since it started out (and continue to do so to this day)!

My aim in setting up Alcalba Design was to design and create unique gifts and homeware inspired by beautiful Scotland and my home-from-home, sunny Spain (hint, hint – this is also reflected in our name).

Everything you see on the website, on social media and hopefully also soon in shops across Scotland!* is designed and hand-drawn from scratch by me.

Each piece is then created with passion in Scotland or at select locations across the UK; something which is really important to me personally and to the ethos of Alcalba Design. We are all about utilising and showcasing the vast array of talents on our doorstep and at the same time helping to cut down on the environmental impact we have.

It is my great pleasure to introduce our stylish 2-sided scatter cushions which are available now and for a limited time only I am offering 2 scatter cushions for just £60 (that’s a £10 saving especially for you)! So what are you waiting for?!

Over the next few weeks and months these will be joined by a select soft furnishings range and wall art prints – please do let me know what you think!

*Alcalba Design will be “popping-up” at An Independent Zebra (88-92 Raeburn Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH4 1HH) from Wednesday 6th March to Wednesday 3rd April 2019!

Be sure to pop along to see and experience our lovely products first-hand…

Why Alcalba Design?

Not one of our designs is created with any technology shortcuts or computer-based software. Each one started life as blank piece of paper, a creative idea and then a pencil drawing or photograph taken by me in the natural world (in the case of our pocket mirrors).

Many designers today look to computers to streamline, enhance and even create their designs but I wanted Alcalba’s whole design process to be truly artisan.

Stuck for a birthday gift, a house-warming present, or a key design piece for your own home which isn’t from a high-street or online mainstream outlet because you value that special someone and, indeed, yourself more than that and would like to show it? Don’t worry, we’ve got this… Each product in the Alcalba Design range has been thoughtfully created by a local designer (me!) and is consciously NOT for the mass-produced market. In short, you have come to the right place! Woo hoo, it’s great to have you here 👍🏻!

Keep in touch via our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram or drop me a line on here – it would be lovely to hear from you!

Marisa 😄

Alcalba Design